issur 1: transport (vmdb) error -14: pipe connection has been broken.

You have to Enable SIP on your macOS system. to resolve this problem.

issue 2:

No 3D support is available from the host.
The 3D features of the virtual machine will be disabled.

You have to change some setting.

If you have a 2013 or later Mac, and a recent version of macOS, and are running the Metal 2 3D graphics library, you can try setting the first of those (the MTL one) to “1”, and could try setting the one below it (GL) to “0”, 

Edit your main VMware Fusion preferences file. This should be “~/Library/Preferences/VMware Fusion/preferences“. Add the following lines (or edit any that are present to make them conform), then save the file:

mks.enableMTLRenderer = "1"
mks.enableGLRenderer = "0" = "TRUE"

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