I changed the network settings, but I made a mistake. As a result, I can’t access the web GUI.

Additionally, I have GPU pass-through enabled, and the GPU driver is in the blacklist, resulting in no video output.

In this case I am not able to connect to the host using ssh or webUI.


  • Boot into your bootloader (mostly grub or systemd-boot, select your preferred kernel but do not press enter.
  • Press e to go into edit mode.
  • Depending on the boot-loader go to the kernel-commandline entry:
    • For grub: scroll down to the kernel line you will boot from, it starts with linux /vmlinuz-...
    • For systemd-boot the kernel commandline is directly editable
  • Scroll to the end of that line, optionally remove the quiet in the line and append init=/bin/bash
  • For grub press Ctrl X to boot, for systemd-boot simply press Enter

In the resulting shell:

# Remount / as Read/Write 
mount -o remount,rw /
cd /etc/network/
vi interfaces

Done. Enjoy!

By bamboo

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